Complete flexibility for developers


With the FireText API, you can easily connect your account with your own application or website.

The Basics

The FireText SMS API will now give you the tools you need to send & receive SMS text messages, add new contacts and manage your account. You can connect into our SMS API using a simple HTTP POST or HTTP GET. We've made it very easy to connect with us.

We've made it easy to connect, however the API is intended for friendly geeks (like us!). If you require some assistance, please get in touch, we may be able to point you in the direction of some helpful 3rd parties.


We've been busy building integrations with our SMS API that connect FireText to Email-Marketing platforms, booking software, e-commerce shopping carts and more. Developers: if you have a FireText plugin to show off? Let us know about it!

What the SMS API can do

We've packed our API with some powerful, yet simple tools to maxmisie your development:

  • Send Messages
    to predefined group or new contacts
  • Schedule Messages
    for appropriate sending times
  • Receive Messages
    feed replies or incoming messages into your own system
  • Delivery Reciepts
    track each message and see whether it's been opened
  • Check Message Balance
    quickly check your credit
  • Add New Contacts
    great for feeding in new contacts from online forms
  • Manage Sub-Accounts
    create sub-accounts and transfer credit instantly
  • View Sent Messages
    create sub-accounts and transfer credit instantly

We've provided full documentation and sample code to get you started. Email us to grab it.

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SMS Marketing Features

FireText's Online SMS platform allows you to Send, Receive, Manage and Analyse with ease