3 Reasons You Need SMS to Communicate with NHS Bank Staff

SMS is widely used in the NHS to save time and improve communications. From sending appointment reminders and reduce no-shows to automating the friends and family questionnaire. One area where it’s particularly successful is organising bank staff internally.

Managing shift work or bank staff can be a nightmare. When a shift needs covering, it can be really time consuming having to make multiple calls to try and get hold of someone to fill the slot. Reaching out to all potential staff with a single SMS message can save you time and money and ensure shifts are covered at all times.


Reach Staff

Keep in touch with bank staff easily, updating them on available shifts, new rotas and information changes to ensure they are kept informed. Save valuable time and communicate with all bank staff instantly with a single text message.

Guarantee Open Rate

SMS has an open rate of 98%, which is why it is an effective solution to reach out to all of those people at once, guaranteeing your message has been seen. What’s more, 94% of those messages are read within 15 minutes of being received, meaning if you’re on a deadline, SMS is the perfect solution for a quick response.

Save Time

Sending a group SMS message can dramatically decrease time spent organising rotas or trying to cover a shift whilst also increasing valuable time spent with patients. Sending a message to a group of 100 staff will take no longer than sending a single text message on your phone, however you can personalise each message with our handy personalisation tool including recipient’s names or up to three custom fields!

Exploring alternatives to the NHS SMS system can help you cut costs. FireText is an easy to use, award-winning SMS platform that can help you reduce the overall number of missed patient appointments. If you are a healthcare administrator that’s interested in saving your business money, try FireText for free today.

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