4 Valentine’s Day Mobile Marketing Ideas

After Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the most commercially bankable event on the calendar. It offers businesses a chance to engage consumers for weeks in advance – and much of that engagement will come from mobile devices. But how can you adjust your SMS marketing strategy to take full advantage? Here are a few ideas that’ll get your audience’s hearts all a-flutter…


Social Media

In the run up to the 14th, overhaul your social media presence to give it a Valentine’s twist. Your Facebook campaign should lean heavily on visuals, so try to create compelling images (a loved-up take on your company logo is a good place to start). As with any marketing strategy, humour works wonders. Come up with a slightly off-center, funny idea and your content is more likely to be shared. Ikea’s 2013 Australian campaign is a brilliant, daring example of what you can do with the implications of Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t a social media project – but it easily could have been.

Create a Dedicated Site

A separate landing page or microsite is a good way to reinforce your Valentine’s message while going easy on direct brand promotion. Stay away from anything too sales-y and hand over the content and design to your most creative people. Whether a Saint Valentine quiz with a romantic holiday as the prize, or something akin to Scribbler’s ‘Love Is…’ campaign, this is your chance to showcase innovation and amplify your themed design concepts. The SEO value of an associated website – especially a successful one – is huge, and you can come back to it next year. If it works, try the same tactic for May Day, Guy Fawkes, or any other calendar event.

Poetry Competition

Use your microsite or dedicated landing page to launch a user-generated content project. It’s a surefire way to engage an audience, and has the added benefit of reducing the burden on your creative team. For Valentine’s Day, a poetry contest is the obvious place to start. Offer a prize for the best love poem. If you have the resources, you could even turn the winning entry into an animation. Push the contest across social media channels and via text messaging to create a joined-up campaign.

Cater to the Last Minute-men

Research from Adobe found that spending on gifts increased steadily throughout January and early February, suddenly spiking during the days immediately before Valentine’s. It’s like Christmas: there’s a significant portion of people who leave their shopping until the last minute. Pushing time-critical mobile coupons can really pay off on the 12th and 13th, and with this year’s feast falling on a Saturday, the last minute effect will be in full force.

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