Benefits of Using SMS for Customer Support

Communication is the key to providing excellent customer service; what you say is important but so is the way it is communicated to the customer. If a customer has an urgent question or a tricky technical problem that needs answering quickly, make sure your excellent customer service is not only helpful, but available instantly for the customer.

Of all forms of digital communication, a text message is the single most likely to be read. In fact, 98% of all texts are opened. Our new integration with support ticketing software, Freshdesk, allows you to receive and respond to support tickets from customers by text message – all from within your Freshdesk account.


Have you thought about adding SMS tickets to your customer support process?


SMS text messages can be a really personal way of engaging with and reaching customers. Messages are delivered direct to the customers pockets making them feel like they are getting a premium service. By using a communication method that they are comfortable with and that is easily accessible to them, the whole support experience is much smoother for the customer.

“Hey Nick, thanks for getting in touch! I’m taking a look into this right away for you and will get back to you with an update shortly! Thanks, Charlotte”


If a ticket needs urgent attention, customers will be eagerly waiting for your response. 94% of SMS messages are read within 5 minutes of being received, so, adding SMS to your toolkit will not only add value to customers by offering additional ways to communicate with you, but it will also help you to resolve support tickets much quicker.

“Hi Jenna, we’ve received your ticket & have the team working on the issue urgently. You can reach us 24/7 on this text support number.”


You’ll struggle to find someone who isn’t within arm’s reach of their mobile phone 24/7 these days. Which is why it’s the perfect way to reach someone really quickly and easily. Customers can read and reply to SMS at a time and pace convenient for them – it’s quick, easy and can be managed on the go.

“Thanks for getting in touch Abi. Our out of hours support team have picked this up for you and will text you with an update within the next hour.”

So how does it work?

You advertise a text support number as a means of getting in touch, customers can then simply text in their question which is automatically converted into a support ticket in your Freshdesk account. You reply as normal from your Freshdesk dashboard and its pinged back out to the customer by text message! Two-way conversation can then continue in this way until the ticket is resolved. Simple.

SMS has been around for over 20 years and is holding its own as one of the most popular ways of communicating. With that in mind, it should be a favourite for customers – after all the customer is always right. Right?

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