FireText Now Offering Just 4p Per Message!

We’re excited to launch our new pricing structure today, giving customers far more flexibility with their SMS campaigns.

We spoke to lots of customers and explored a number of different pricing options before coming up with the new structure which you can view here.

The new structure sees a single outbound message costing just 4p each. Not only have we slashed the prices but messages will never expire, so you’ll only ever pay for the messages you send.


Keeping it simple and affordable for all customers was our priority, whilst letting the customer decide what features they would like to make the most of.

If you’re already a FireText customer you have two choices; you can continue on your current plan, or you can take advantage of the new structure. If you need a bit of advice, feel free to contact us to discuss.

We may have changed our pricing but we certainly won’t be changing our service. We’re always open for feedback or comments so let us know what you think.

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