Have You Ever Fallen Down a Hole Whilst Texting?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel the need to respond to a text message almost as soon as you receive it. This instant read and respond rate is one of the many reasons businesses choose to use SMS campaigns in their marketing and communications.

Apple are taking it one step further and have filed a patent application for ‘transparent texting’. The technology could see the iPhone transformed into a ‘walking-friendly’ phone, enabling you to safely text on-the-go.

The technology gives you the option to turn the background of your iPhone into live video image; so if you’re reading or composing a text message whilst walking, you’ll soon be able to see any obstructions at the same time, ensuring you don’t walk into a parked car or trip over a stranger’s dog!

It doesn’t stop there; the technology, which can be switched on and off depending on preference, could also be available when browsing the web or reading a book; with the video constantly running behind the text. So you’ll never need to worry about falling down a hole when you’re on your phone again…


What do you think a useful addition to your phone? Or just another distraction?

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