How Recruitment Agencies Can Use Text Messaging to Boost Their Business

Text messaging

Mobile can be used to identify the right job candidates quickly.

Recruitment agencies have evolved along with technology. Before the Internet, potential candidates were screened via in person meetings and phone calls. As the web became a widely used business tool, recruiters started relying more on email to simplify the screening process and fill positions more quickly. Today, an estimated 94 percent of adults in the UK own or use mobile phones to communicate. As a result, recruitment agencies have begun exploring how they can tap into this technology to boost their business. Here are some ways recruiters can benefit from using text messages to connect with candidates.

Quick, Effective Communication with Candidates

Recruiters are always searching for the best candidates to fill open positions. Text messaging can be used to connect with top-level candidates quickly to inform them about potential jobs. Since the recruitment industry is fast-paced by nature, using mobile to share information with potential hires makes sense. Email or in-person communication moves at a slower pace, making it more difficult to make hires quickly. Using mobile can help speed up the hiring process and save time for businesses.

Streamlining the Screening Process

Do you often find screening questionnaires are piling up in your email or on your desk? Distributing job screening questions via text message can help streamline the process of identifying the best candidates for an open position. Recruiters can use mobile as a tool for pre-screening individuals early on in the process. For example, a recruitment agency may send out a text message to find out industries in which potential candidates have previous experience, or which positions they’re interested in learning more about. Text messaging can also be used further on in the process to schedule initial interviews or invite potential candidates for a second round of meetings. It’s a fast, effective way to streamline the hiring process.

Job Post Distribution

Many recruitment agencies rely primarily on email to distribute job postings to potential applicants. If this is true in your case, it may make sense to consider sending them out via text messaging as well. There are two benefits to using mobile to distribute new job postings to candidates. The first is that you will be reaching a larger audience. Recent data estimates that only 77 percent of UK adults have broadband access at home, while 94 percent use or own mobile phones. Not only will you be connecting with more candidates if you choose to share posts via text messaging, people may be more likely to respond. Overall open rates for text messages are much higher than email open rates.

Text messaging

Sharing job information via text messaging can help you reach a larger pool of candidates.

As mobile technology continues to advance, more recruiters are using it to connect with potential candidates. Text messaging benefits recruitment agencies in a few different ways. It allows for quick, effective communication with job candidates, it can be used to simplify the screening process, and as a distribution tool to share postings with a broader audience. If you are a job recruiter that’s interested in exploring how you can use text messaging for your business, try FireText for free today.

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