How to Breathe New Life into a Tired SMS Marketing Strategy

You learned about SMS marketing and jumped on board to take advantage of the lucrative benefits it provides. At first, it went well and attracted more business to your company. But after awhile, things started to plateau and maybe even dip down. Now, you feel that you are not achieving the results you should be getting from your campaign.

If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to make some changes. With a few adjustments, you can breathe new life into your mobile strategy, in order to reawaken its potential and achieve your business goals.

Analyse Your Data for Strengths and Weaknesses

Your metrics and analytics are your best friend. They tell you what works really well, and what does not. By reviewing your data, you can identify what type of messages work better than others. Once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can create a new or adjusted strategy based on your analysis.

You should consistently review your analytics to ensure campaign effectiveness. This will help you to see what’s working and identify problems early in order to make the necessary adjustments and avoid any long term issues.

Create Stronger Calls of Action

Your messages may be of interest to your customers, but if you don’t include a strong enough call to action, then you will not see any results from your campaign. Every message you send should have some type of call to action, asking customers to opt-in, shop at your store, click a link, or take some other action. You also do not want to send the same call to action every single time.

In addition to a simple call to action, you also want to instill a sense of urgency in your customers. This could mean creating a shorter time period for specials and deals or developing one-time only offers. When people feel that they need to act now, there is a greater chance that they will.

Send Your Messages at Different Times of the Day

Text messaging is an immediate channel. Most people open texts within three minutes, so timing is an important element of a successful campaign. You should review your analytics to identify what time of day yielded the best response. Additionally, it makes sense to target the timing of the message to complement when people would actually redeem an offer or need the information.


Choose the right time of day to send your texts, and don’t be afraid to vary it. suggests sending marketing text messages soon before mealtimes for dining establishments and during prime shopping times for retail outlets. If you are sending a coupon for a brick and mortar store, then you want to be sure to send it during shopping hours. People will be more likely to use the coupon or offer if it is sent close to the ideal time for them to use it. Depending on your business, you can also change up the time of day you send the message to hit on different prime times, rather than always scheduling the messages for the same time.

Personalise Your Content

The best SMS marketing messages are personal in content, according to Mobile Marketer. You have the ability to personalise your texts, even if you just enter the customer’s name in the message. You can also look at your demographics and send out tailored messages to particular groups of people. The more personal a message appears to be, the better response you will get from your customer because it makes them feel special.

Change Up Your Type of Messages and the Content

One of the biggest reasons that your SMS marketing campaign may have started to slow down is that you send out the same offers all the time. If you always offer the same deal, then your customers will become complacent, which can negatively impact your response rate. Therefore, you should always change up the message and content to create diversity and retain the interest of your customers.

You should also send content that has innate value to your customers. This includes offers and specials, but it can also include tips, customer service initiatives, helpful information, and more. Additionally, you should use this channel of communication as a unique one. Although you can at times share links to your blog or other information, you should mainly use text messages to convey information that your customers cannot get elsewhere. This can help preserve the value of your mobile program for your subscribers.

It is natural that over time you will need to adjust your marketing strategy to improve your response rates. By reviewing your current campaign, you can identify the areas that need work and create a new strategy to overcome these weaknesses. If you are looking for creative ways to connect with your customers through SMS marketing, read this FireText blog post.

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