How to Leverage Your Social Media Followers to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaign

An engaging social media presence can work well as a stand-alone marketing tool for your business, but it can also be used to complement your SMS marketing campaign.

Social media followers tend to be interested in the particular company or companies they follow. This makes them the perfect group to target to join your SMS marketing campaign. Your social media following has already chosen to engage with you online, so they may be more likely to subscribe to your text message program as well.

Approximately 75 percent of customers want to receive text messages from a company they patronise. Furthermore, most customers prefer to receive special offers through SMS marketing than social media. To take full advantage of this preference, you can leverage your social media followers to increase your text message subscriber list. Here are some steps to take.

Share Promotional Posts

Advertise your text marketing campaign on social media to boost your numbers.

One of the easiest ways to leverage your social media followers is to simply post information about your SMS marketing campaign on the various social networking platforms. However, you do not want to do this all the time. If you do it too often, then you run the risk of coming across as too self-promotional. It is best to save posts promoting your text messaging program for when you have a particularly enticing campaign, such as a special offer, contest, survey, or something similar. Many people access social media on their phones, so they can easily text straight from the post to opt into your campaign.

Update Your Profile

If you want your SMS marketing campaign to have a perpetual presence on your social media platforms, then simply include information about it in your profile. Information about how to opt in and what to expect from the program can be included next to your website and other contact information.

Create Cross-Channel Events

Another way to leverage your social media followers to increase your SMS program subscriptions is to run cross-channel events. For example, someone might need to text a certain keyword they see in a Twitter post to participate in a scavenger hunt style sweepstakes. Alternatively, your texting customers may need to head to social media to share a certain post to receive a special offer. Like the promotional posts, these should be done sparingly, since each marketing channel should be seen as a unique place with its own purposes and campaigns.

Promote Contests and Sweepstakes

Run a text to win contest and promote it on social media to build your numbers.

Some of the best types of messages to help improve your SMS marketing campaign are contests, sweepstakes, and surveys. These are interactive messages that give people a chance to win something. You can promote your text to win contest on your social media platforms. In order to generate interest, consider offering a discount or deal to everyone who participates in addition to a special grand prize.

When you integrate your marketing channels, you can find benefits across the board. Multi-channel campaigns help you to increase the number of people active on your various channels, which in turn leads to more business. These tips can help you get started with leveraging your social media following to boost your SMS program.

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