How to Motivate Your Mobile Subscribers to Take Action

Compelling calls to action make all the difference when you develop your SMS marketing campaign. If you do not end each message with a specific request for action, then it’s unlikely that your mobile subscribers will take the next step and redeem an offer, make a purchase, or click through on a website link. Although you only have 160 characters in which to impart your message, it is essential that you include a call to action to benefit from your text marketing campaign.

Why Call to Actions are Important

To gain from your campaign, you need to motivate people to act with a CTA.

Calls to action tell your customers what to do and motivate them to actually do it, which is why they are the key to a successful text marketing campaign. These simply phrases take marketing beyond just informing customers about your business, products, services, events and discounts, and entice them to engage with your company. Without the call to action, you may lose a large number of potential customers. Even if you have a high number of impressions, you will be missing an opportunity if your messages don’t include a call to action.

What Makes an Effective Call to Action?

An effective call to action needs to be clear, concise, and motivating. The best calls to action use action verbs and impart a sense of urgency. Command verbs are a great way to start your CTA. You do not need to have any subject or other words before it; simply start the CTA with the verb, such as Buy, Click, or Text. This direct your audience to act. By following up with words that impart urgency, such as Now and Limited Time, you increase the motivation. You can include other words in your message to also motivate people to subscribe, such as language detailing the exclusivity of the medium or words that trigger some type of emotion or response. Whatever language you use, you want to be as clear and concise as possible. If there is any room for confusion, then you could lose customers.

How to Improve your Call to Action

It is beneficial to review your current CTAs and brainstorm ways to improve.

When you review your calls to action, you should look closely at word choice. You want to provoke some sort of emotion in addition to the sense of urgency that motivates your customers to act now. Sometimes, this can be done through punctuation, such as adding an exclamation point. Other times, it means using a synonym that has a greater impact. For example, instead of saying 50 percent off, use the term half off. You are offering the same deal, but the reaction to the word half will be stronger than if you used 50 percent off. Another word that gets people to act is free. Capitalise on this by including free in your call to action. For example, instead of saying half off an item, offer a buy one get one free deal. The expense is the same to your store, but people are more motivated by receiving something for free.

It is also important that you change up your calls to action. If you use the same one all the time, it loses its effectiveness. You can have a few templates that you tweak for each message and rotate the type of CTA.

Popular Calls to Action

You can create a call to action using almost anything. If you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas, some of the most popular ideas are related to a few simple behaviours: buying, clicking, learning more, and subscribing. To develop a call of action, you first need to determine at what stage the customer is in the buying process. For example, you do not want to use a buy now CTA if you are just starting to give customers an idea about something.

Target your CTA to where your customers are in the sales process.

The most common verbs used for a call to action in a text message include buy, click, text, redeem, visit, and subscribe. You may also be able to use synonyms for each of those words to change up your CTA. To further the impact of your message, you simply have to elaborate using motivating words, such as now, as well as any offers or discounts or the other reason something is of value.

Once you have an idea of the basic templates that make a strong and effective call to action, you can start to be more creative with your messages to motivate your subscribers to take the next step. Remember that the best calls to action are clear, concise, and motivating while also demonstrating some value to the customer.

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