How to Solve Your NHS Text Messaging Needs

Many hospitals rely on the National Health Service’s internal SMS service to help improve communication with patients. Unfortunately, after 31 March 2015 this helpful communication tool will no longer be available.

If your healthcare business uses the NHS SMS messaging system frequently to reach patients and employees, you may be currently searching for an alternative mobile solution. Integrating a new mobile tool for your hospital can help you reduce the total amount of missed patient appointments and stay on budget. Here are some reasons to consider using another mobile platform when the NHS messaging system is no longer available.

Text messaging

Many healthcare companies send appointment reminds to patients via SMS message.

Patients Can Forget

According to data obtained from NHS England, in the UK approximately 12 million general practitioner appointments are missed every year, and 6.9 hospital appointments are missed. Nearly half of these no-shows are due to patients forgetting appointment times, says the British Journal of Healthcare Computing. If you’ve used the NHS SMS system in the past as a reminder tool for patients, it may be worth exploring an alternative solution to help reduce the instance of missed appointments. Your patients will appreciate the ongoing reminders because it’s easy to forget a scheduled appointment.

Missed Appointments Are Expensive

General practitioners in the UK that aren’t using an SMS solution lose nearly 162 million each year due to missed appointments. It isn’t just general practices that are affected either. Hospitals lose an average of 108 per missed outpatient appointment. The NHS SMS system has helped healthcare providers reduce their costs, and if your business has relied on it frequently you’ve probably seen a positive change in your budget over time. FireText’s SMS system can help you avoid the potential costs of an increase in missed appointments with their easy to use mobile solution.

Mobile Companies Offer Flexible Solutions

If flexibility and features are important to you, FireText is a mobile provider that’s certainly worth considering. This particular SMS messaging solution provides comprehensive support to its clients. Team members are available to give step by step guidance as you’re setting up your first campaign. If you have any questions, they can be reached over the phone and by email. FireText also offers a number of helpful features, including online and email SMS distribution, delivery tracking and reporting, message scheduling, reply options, unlimited groups, and integration with 3rd party applications. Furthermore, FireText is an award-winning business that’s received recognition for their customer service and usability. It’s a comprehensive SMS messaging solution that can be implemented easily and quickly.

Text messaging

Mobile has made it easier than ever for hospitals and physicians to stay connected with patients.

If your healthcare business uses the NHS SMS messaging system frequently to reach customers, you may be looking into alternative solutions for use after 31 March 2015. A mobile solution can help your business significantly cut down on missed appointments and reduce costs. FireText provides a full-service SMS messaging platform that offers flexibility and several helpful features for its clients. Get started with your first non-National Health Service SMS messaging campaign, and try FireText for free today. It offers unique benefits for both your business and your patients.

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