No NHS SMS? No Problem: Here’s Your Hospital’s Next Text Messaging Solution

The global healthcare industry has gone mobile. As technology has advanced over the past decade, doctors and hospitals have begun using mobile in a variety of ways to reach patients.

Some physicians are using mobile apps to help simplify the lives of individuals suffering from chronic health conditions, while others have adopted the National Health Service’s SMS messaging system to send appointment reminders out to patients. Unfortunately, the NHS SMS platform is no longer available for some healthcare businesses. If you are a hospital administrator that’s searching for a new text messaging solution, here are a few reasons to consider FireText as an alternative.

Text messaging solution

Today’s healthcare professionals are using SMS to improve communication and reduce costs.

Significant Cost Savings

According to recent data from the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), over 200 million SMS messages are sent by NHS hospitals each year. The service has become popular because sending patients an SMS reminder can help cut down on missed appointments. Hospitals and general practitioners that are no longer able to use the NHS SMS system may be losing money due to patient no-shows.

On average, missed appointments cost healthcare businesses in the UK nearly 162 million each year. A survey from The British Journal of Healthcare Computing estimated that 50 percent of missed appointments are due to patient forgetfulness. If you are searching for effective ways to cut costs and reduce the amount of missed appointments, FireText can help you get started with an SMS reminder system for your patients. Not only will your patients benefit from a mobile solution, your business will see a reduction in costs.

Ease of Use

One of the most common concerns among businesspeople getting started with mobile is that the platform they choose will be complicated. While this may be true with some companies, it isn’t the case with FireText. Businesses that choose FireText can easily create, schedule, and distribute messages to customers in a variety of different ways. Whether you are hoping to send your SMS messages online or via email, FireText offers an intuitive platform and a helpful, knowledgeable support team. Team members are available to provide guidance over the phone and over email. Once you’ve distributed your messages, you can also use the platform to track deliveries and receive replies from patients.

Proven Effective Service

If you are searching for a reliable, established mobile company to help you get started with an SMS program for your hospital, FireText may be the exact solution your business needs. FireText has received multiple awards in the past for excellent service. The platform has also been featured in a number of top-tier publications, including the Guardian and The Marketing Donut. FireText provides a reliable mobile solution for healthcare companies seeking an alternative to the NHS SMS service.

Text messaging solution

SMS messages can help you stay connected with your patients.

Exploring alternatives to the NHS SMS system can help you cut costs. FireText is an easy to use, award-winning SMS platform that can help you reduce the overall number of missed patient appointments. If you are a healthcare administrator that’s interested in saving your business money, try FireText for free today.

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