SMS Marketing Mistake: How to Rebound After an Unsuccessful Campaign

Text messages can be an effective way to engage with your customers, but as with any channel, some efforts may be more successful than others. When you find yourself with an unsuccessful campaign, you do not have to just give up on leveraging the many benefits of the medium. Instead, you can take some actions to rework your campaign, learn from your mistakes, and create a much stronger SMS marketing effort in the future.

Decide Why Your Campaign Failed

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Before you can rebound, you first need to know why customers did not respond.

Before you can learn from your mistakes, you first have to recognize what they were. There are many reasons why an SMS marketing campaign is unsuccessful. You may have sent out content that your subscribers did not find valuable, you may have had bad timing, or you may have sent too many or too few texts. Another common mistake is trying to do too much or not having a concise enough goal with your text marketing.

One way to learn what led to the failure is to look at your metrics. You can see whether some messages seemed to work better than others. This may provide you with insight into what type of offers your mobile subscribers preferred.

Create a New Goal

Before you can create a new plan for your SMS marketing, you need to establish a goal. If you did not have a goal for your previous campaign, then you have to start from scratch. Otherwise, you can review your previous goal and see if you can adjust it to more accurately embody what you want from the campaign. It is best to concentrate on one area, such as attracting more customers, building your subscriber list, or increasing awareness of your company.

Focus on Value and Personalisation

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Learn what types of deals and other messages your customers most want.

A strong text marketing campaign sends out messages focused on providing personalised value, not inundating consumers with promotions to ensure they will eventually buy. Therefore, before you start a new campaign, you need to figure out what content your customers most want. This may be offers and deals, tips, appointment reminders, transactional messages, customer service options, or a combination of message types. Conduct a customer survey to figure out what types of content your audience would like to receive from your business.

In addition to creating valuable content, it’s important to develop targeted messages. People appreciate personalised messages or offers. It is easy to customise messages by segmenting your subscribers into groups or using their name in your texts.

Know the Right Timing and Frequency

One of the most common reasons a campaign fails is poor timing or ineffective message frequency. This is easy to recognise by reviewing your data. You may notice messages sent at a certain time of day resulted in a spike in opt outs, which could mean it is best to avoid this time of day. The worst timing for texts is during rush hour and on Mondays, and some businesses also find that weekend texts are unappreciated by customers.

Sending too many or too few messages also leads to an increase in opt outs, especially if you did not honour your proposed frequency at the opt in. You may have to see what works best for your company, but a general rule of thumb is to send around two to four per month, and you should try to be consistent.

Be Honest

SMS marketing

Find a way to honestly address the mistake to the public.

People prefer honesty over lies. Therefore, you should own up to your mistakes, especially if your failure was very public. Not every unsuccessful campaign or text message needs to be addressed. However, if you have sent out a mistake in a message or your text marketing campaign became a public disaster, it is best to honestly respond to it. If you try to pretend it never happened, customers will not respond positively to a new campaign. It is okay to acknowledge a mistake, and there is the opportunity to embrace it with humour and come across more likeable with your prospective customers.

One SMS marketing failure does not have to be the end of your entire relationship with text messaging. You can rebound from your failure and create a stronger campaign that provides you with all the benefits of the medium. You simply have to recognise what went wrong and use what you learned to ensure a more positive experience next time.

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