Taking a Pro-Active Approach to Marketing with SMS

An effective SMS marketing strategy anticipates the needs of its audience. It knows which information is valuable to which people, and when they’re most likely to respond.

Unlike print media and television commercials, the information contained in an SMS message is beamed directly to the mobile screens of its target audience. It’s the ultimate in pro-active marketing. And when you plan to make people’s jackets and bags vibrate in the middle of a meeting, you’d better get it right.

The good news is, a well-judged, timely text message that contains valuable information will always be welcomed by the recipient. Anyone who’s received an alert from their bank regarding suspicious activity on their account can attest to that. If your details have been stolen, an early warning helps you minimise the impact and block any further use of the account. If the bank acts in a purely reactive fashion – i.e. waiting for you to alert them – you wouldn’t rate their customer service too highly.


The text message is a pro-active response. Sure, the stakes are particularly high in the example above, but the point stands: customers prefer a pro-active approach when it comes to receiving important information. Whether it’s finding out about potential identity theft or being offered a discount on a product they like, customer satisfaction is improved by the pro-active approach.

Why do Customers Like Pro-Active Marketing?

A 2013 study by incontact showed that 87% of customers prefer to be contacted pro-actively. It’s not simply a matter of convenience. Social psychology research indicates the majority of our actions are motivated by two basic needs: to be right and to be liked.

Most consumer activity adheres to this principle. A pro-active marketing strategy satisfies our need to be liked and demonstrates how highly the company values our business. It also prompts us to reciprocate by using – or at least considering – the company’s products or services.

Why do Businesses Like Pro-Active Marketing?

The well-documented effects of pro-active marketing on the consumer should be enough to pique the interest of businesses, but there are other positive reasons to launch an SMS campaign.

One of the most frustrating elements of running a business is waiting to see the outcome of a marketing assault. Taking a pro-active response means you’re engaging with your audience instead of waiting for them to engage with you. For forward-looking, blue-sky-thinking entrepreneurs, waiting around for something to happen comes in a poor second to grabbing the bull by the horns.

SMS & the Pro-Active Approach

With many traditional forms of advertising, establishing the causal link between a particular campaign and an increase (or decrease) in profits isn’t an exact science. It’s often a case of flinging mud at lots of different walls to see what sticks.

An SMS marketing campaign allows you to clearly track responses and analyse data down to the individual. It’s not just about special offers and discounts, either. Like banks and credit card companies, any business can leverage the peerless reach and reliability of SMS to troubleshoot and deal with problems more efficiently. Take a customer service-led attitude towards your SMS marketing campaign and the profits will follow.

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