Why Text Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing

Have you ever stopped to wonder whether your social media marketing campaigns are worth the effort? Is all the time you’re devoting actually benefiting your business, or would you be better off exploring another channel?

Text marketing may be more effective for your business than social media marketing.

Chances are you’ve probably had questions about how your social media campaigns have performed in the past. This is because ROI from social media marketing can be difficult to measure. If you are interested in creating campaigns that are easier to track, it may make sense to transition to text marketing for your business. Here are three ways text marketing trumps social media marketing.

Targeted Promotions

Your business is using social media to connect with customers. You spend a considerable amount of time creating content, you share it, and then you wait. It’s nearly impossible to tell whether the people you are trying to reach are actually seeing your message. Text marketing allows you to create more targeted promotions based on your mobile subscribers’ preferences. From a business perspective, this makes sense. Think of it this way: rather than posting a status update to a general audience indicating that you’re offering a limited time discount on women’s jeans, you can send that message to specific mobile subscribers who’ve purchased similar items from your business in the past. Targeting your promotions will likely result in a better response from your audience.

Your Message Won’t Get Lost

While some social networks have basic analytics in place that allow you to see how many people have viewed your company updates, there’s no effective way to aggregate the data. With text marketing, you can easily track open rates to determine who has viewed your marketing messages. Open rates are also close to 100 percent for businesses that use texting to reach their customers. Partnering with a mobile communications company to develop a text marketing campaign for your business can help track opens and ensure that your messages aren’t getting bogged down in a lengthy newsfeed.

Easier to Track Engagement

Tracking engagement is a relatively easy process when your business is using text message marketing to connect with customers. Most mobile communications companies offer a platform where you can see which of your mobile subscribers has opened your message, as well as who has replied or taken the next step and clicked on a link that you’ve sent. You can easily pull together text marketing campaign data, and see how well certain promotions resonated with specific mobile subscribers. It’s nearly impossible to track engagement in this way via social media.

Social media is useful for businesses but the results of campaigns can be hard to track.

Social media marketing certainly has its place for businesses, but it can be difficult to measure results from your business’ social campaigns. Text marketing may result in a better ROI as compared with social media marketing. Text messaging can be used to send targeted promotions directly to customers. Your target audience is more likely to view your messages, and it’s easier to track engagement. If you are interested in getting started with text marketing for your business, try FireText for free today.

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