SMS Campaign Checklist

As a business marketing is essential, you need to build brand awareness so people are talking about your products and services and with technology continuously developing the ways to engage with your customer base is endless. However, this doesn’t mean every method is effective for every business, the demographics of your customer base will differ depending on your industry, which means different marketing platforms will work better for different businesses. There is however one thing everyone has in common and that’s mobile phones!

SMS Marketing gives you the opportunity to have instant direct communication with your prospects and customers no matter the industry that you work within. Our phones remain with our every step and we find ourselves relying on them for the simplest of tasks, so it’s a no brainer to target them for mobile marketing. Text marketing can be just as daunting as any other marketing campaign and knowing where to start or what to include can be overwhelming. So we have put together an awesome checklist that goes over everything we think you should include and consider when sending out your bulk SMS messages.

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