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You can take advantage of our online SMS gateway. It is the perfect opportunity to engage with your customers, no matter the size of your business

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Communicate with your customers

FireText’s web SMS service helps your business engage with customers through SMS. The easy-to-use SMS software allows you to send text messages online whether it's a large-scale campaign or a single message. Cool eh?!

personalise your SMS message

Successful campaigns are personalised

With the ability to personalise each and every SMS, schedule text messages at your convenience, or even handle replies - our system gives you all the tools you could need for your next online SMS marketing campaign.

build customer relationships with personalised messages

Build customer relationships

You can send and receive SMS messages online. By having a simple two-way communication platform with your customers, you can build on your relationships and appearances as a business. This means you're more likely to receive repeat custom as well as good reviews, which could also result in an increase of new customers.

Why use SMS for your business?


It is super easy and efficient to send and receive SMS online, you can send out both individual texts and bulk SMS campaigns, that include thousands of numbers, in a matter of minutes making it perfect for your business communications. You can start sending right away from our online app, just sign up for a free account today.


Our business SMS service is perfect for all companies no matter the size or industry. The ability to send from multiple devices at one time, whether it's under the same account or using our handy sub-accounts, maintains a manageable communication platform for the whole business.


It is proven that business text messaging is both effective with costs and results. Statistically, it tops all other communication methods with its sky-high delivery rates. You can almost be certain every one of your customers owns a mobile device and is therefore reachable.

You're secure with FireText.

SMS Marketing Features, Perfect For Your Business

Send or schedule your business SMS, while making use of our awesome features.

Branded SMS Messages

When you send out your text messages online you have the opportunity to send these from your own brand. SMS is a personal communication platform, so by sending from your business name, your customers will know who's contacting them right away.

Include Unicode in your SMS

FireText supports the sending of unicode characters within your SMS messages. Even when you send SMS from your computer you can send out your favourite emojis, along with several languages spoken worldwide. This allows you to inject both character and personality to your messages.

Detailed Reports

You can easily track the progress and success of your campaigns using our handy delivery reports. Upon sending SMS online, you will be able to view a report that highlights the status of your messages, that is updated regularly.

Receiving SMS Messages Online

By sending out online SMS from a number, you are able to receive messages into your FireText account. You can then reply back to these messages as well as being able to set up forwards to other destinations, such as your email address.

Text Message Scheduling

When sending out your business text messages, you can go ahead and schedule the SMS to be sent at the desired time and date for your business. You can even choose to repeat the message, for example, it could be sent out every week for a month.

Batch SMS Sending

If sending out a bulk SMS campaign online, you can choose to segment your group and send out the same message but each group can receive it at a different point in time. This is great for split testing and allows you to see when you get the best response.

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