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Text your customers straight from your FireText account online. No need to download an app or commit to a contract – just sign up and send business texts straight from our web app in your browser.

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Send texts to groups

or individual customers

FireText's easy-to-use SMS platform allows you to send text messages online without the need for a mobile, come large-scale customer campaign or a single message. Upload your contacts, draft your message and send. Cool and simple, eh?

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Easily send, schedule

& receive messages

A web app like FireText makes sending SMS manageable. Schedule your SMS at your desired time or instantly. Allow for two-way messaging to chat with your customers 1:1 using a reply number, and manage responses within your account.

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Keep things personal

with custom fields

Mass messages don't need to be robotic. Upload custom information, such as first names, with your customer's mobile numbers. When you compose your messages, use custom fields to pull in that information per recipient.

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We support you with every SMS you send

There's more to an online SMS platform than just sending texts. We support you with our years of SMS experience - from showing you the right tools to giving you content recommendations.

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Easy sending with a simple platform

Our online web app is so simple, you save heaps of time! It's easy to navigate from uploading your contacts to sending your messages.


Send SMS online features

No hidden fees or extras, just features to make sending smooth sailing.

Send texts from your brand name

By sending from your business name, your customers will know who’s contacting them right away.

Include unicode in your SMS

FireText supports the sending of unicode in your texts, such as emojis. Use these characters to add personality to your texts.

View detailed delivery reports

Track the performance of your campaigns using handy delivery reports. View click summaries and delivery statuses.

Receive SMS messages online

Receive SMS messages into your FireText account when you subscribe to, and send from, a reply number.

Schedule your text messages

Schedule your text messages at your desired time and let things work around your schedule.

Send large campaigns in batches

Using our throttling feature, you can send your message at set intervals - making it easier to split test and manage responses.


Start sending online SMS in no time...

A platform designed to be intuitive for busy business people like you. From signing up to uploading your contacts, you'll soon be sending SMS online.


Signing up is easy

Pop in a few basic details to get started with a free trial account - no contract or credit card required.


Await verification

As a trusted provider for the NHS and GOV, we manually verify every account to ensure a safe platform for all.


We'll set you up!

Your new account manager will email you, ready to chat about how you can get the best out of FireText.

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