Bulk SMS for your Business

Simply send out bulk SMS campaigns in a matter of minutes using our user-friendly SMS marketing platform.

Personalise SMS Message

Efficiently communicate with your customers

You may have a last-minute sale or an upcoming event where you want to reach out to your whole customer base and SMS is your perfect solution. Our Bulk SMS Service allows you to send and receive your text messages in a matter of minutes.

You can even make use of our awesome custom fields to give it that personal touch!

SMS Tracking URL

Effectively shorten and track your URL’s

When sending out your Bulk text messaging campaigns you have the ability to include a link within your message. Which makes it perfect for driving more traffic to your website!

What’s great is the FireText URL shortener will shrink your link to just 20 characters and upon sending, create a unique link, so you can track exactly who has clicked, at what time and on what device!

SMS throttled sending

Manage your mass text campaigns using our SMS throttling feature

Schedule your bulk SMS campaign using FireText’s throttling feature. It allows you to split your campaign into smaller batches, which will then be delivered with a specified time interval in between.

Allowing you to manage any inbound calls or emails off the back of your SMS marketing campaign. You can also control the traffic visiting your website. This makes it super easy for your team to be able to provide awesome customer service and user experience for your customers.

Secure SMS Sending

Send your Text Messages from a Trusted and Secure Platform

When sending your Bulk SMS Campaigns through FireText you benefit from our direct Tier one UK connections of the highest quality. So you can be sure your messages will be delivered in an instant!

We are ISO27001 certified and all of our data centres are based in the UK in order to meet our strict due diligence for security and redundancy. Because of this you can find us on the UK’s Government’s Digital Marketplace for public sector organisations

Why use Bulk SMS for your Business?

The FireText SMS platform is perfect for bulk SMS messaging, your business can not only take advantage of our easy online platform but we’ve packed it with some awesome features and our friendly experts are always on hand to help!

Send Text Reminders

Sending bulk texts online is the perfect way to fire out your reminders. Whether they are reminders for a job interview, hair appointment or MOT renewal SMS is a great resource.

You can send out as many messages as you wish within a matter of minutes and what’s even better is you can make use of our Custom Fields to ensure you maintain a personal approach!

If you already have a CRM system that you use to manage your appointments just get in touch with one of our friendly team members today, to discuss our awesome API integration options.

Boost Your Sales

Sending out a mass SMS campaign is the perfect way to boost your sales. If it's an event where you are selling tickets or a retailer selling clothing, you want to be sure your messages are being read.

Statistics show that SMS has an open rate of 98% so you can almost be certain that when your message is delivered it will be read.

You have the ability to send to as many people as you wish using our mass texting service and you can be confident you will receive results!

Maximise Your Customer Service

Bulk text campaigns are not only great for generating new sales it's also the perfect way to ensure you get return customers, by ensuring your customer service remains as a top priority.

As an example, you could send out a large SMS campaign to your regular customers, just to check in with them and see if there is anything they need and ensure they are happy with the service.

It is easy to personalise the message with our custom fields and you could even make a template so it’s super-efficient!

Perfect For Time Bound Campaigns

Sending SMS is perfect for time-bound campaigns. You can upload your contacts and send out a campaign to an unlimited number of people both efficiently and in a cost-effective way and be sure you will receive results!

Once you’ve hit the send button, your message will be sent to the networks immediately and on average research shows that your message will then be read within the first 3 minutes of the user receiving your text, making it perfect for any time-bound campaigns that need that extra push.

Retain Your Current Customers

If you have a group of customers that haven’t purchased with you for some time, you could send out a mass text campaign using our SMS gateway, this could be highlighting a one time offer or new product launch, which gives them the incentive to purchase from you again!

What’s super handy is you can include a direct link that will take them to your website, you can even track the success. With our URL shortener, it will shorten the link to just 20 characters and show you exactly who has clicked, at what time and on what device!

Provide Relevant Updates

With over 5 billion people owning a mobile phone, text messaging is the perfect way to communicate with users. If you have a last-minute update, whether an event is cancelled due to weather or your system is down due to maintenance then you can use your FireText account to send mass text messages in order to let your current and potential customers know.

Statistics prove that SMS has a whopping 98% open rate and 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes. So for any last-minute updates, SMS is the perfect tool for your business!

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