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Mass text messaging is a simple way to spread the word. Deliver bulk SMS campaigns in a matter of minutes using the FireText platform, with the help of our friendly SMS experts.

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Quickly communicate

with your customers

Come last-minute sale or event, send a mass SMS message to your customer base quickly and easily from FireText.

Forget the faff of designing an email; our simple bulk SMS service allows you to send and receive your text messages in a matter of minutes.

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Personalise messages

for the masses

No matter how many customers you're reaching, there's always a chance to make your bulk SMS campaign personal.

As content experts, we challenge you to create engaging and targeted content for your audience. Use our handy tools, like custom fields, to send bulk texts on a first-name basis.

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Security in a class of its own

Top-tier security is FireText expectation, not a certification. Everyone says they're secure, but as the leading provider for the government & NHS, our data security is in a class of its own. We've trailblazed a strong bulk SMS blueprint that protects you and your customer's data.

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Why use bulk SMS for your business?

The sale-boosting, problem-solving benefits of bulk SMS are endless. See how FireText helps you make an impact.

Reduce No-Shows

Whether a reminder for a job interview, hair appointment or MOT renewal, bulk SMS is a great resource to reduce no-shows.

Boost Your Sales

Get the engagement you're after with the help of our content experts. Once you've drafted your content, we'll review it for free.

Manage Workload

Schedule your bulk SMS campaigns using FireText's throttling feature to split your campaign into smaller batches.

Analyse Your Success

Post-campaign data can be served to you via click & delivery reports - helping you segment your audience by behaviour.

Retain Your Customers

Have a group of customers that haven't engaged in a while? Upload them into a separate group & send a targeted message.

Send Carbon Neutral SMS

We're reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions, so every message your customer receives is carbon neutral.

A bulk SMS platform made for people

FireText is simple to navigate, so you have more time to create engaging content for your contacts.

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Start sending bulk SMS in no time...

A platform designed to be intuitive for busy business people like you. From signing up to uploading your contacts, you'll soon get your bulk SMS messages out.


Signing up is easy

Pop in a few basic details to get started with a free trial account - no contract or credit card required.


Await verification

As a trusted provider for the NHS and GOV, we manually verify every account to ensure a safe platform for all.


We'll set you up!

Your new account manager will email you, ready to chat about how you can get the best out of FireText.

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Our lovely SMS experts are always here on standby.


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