SMS How To Guide

The FireText platform has taken SMS Marketing to the next level. Our online SMS system is packed with awesome features to ensure all businesses, no matter the size or industry can successfully and efficiently send out their text marketing campaigns. We understand that marketing can be daunting for businesses and not knowing where to start can be stressful, so we have put together a super handy how-to guide, that will take you through everything on our SMS platform including uploading contacts, sending out a text message and highlighting some of our awesome features.

As an example, you can set up SMS templates which allow you to write out your message and save it. Then when you come to send out your text messages you can simply select it instead of having to write it out each time. This feature is perfect if you are looking to send messages with similar content, for example, appointment reminders or order confirmations. For those aspects that are different, such as their name, appointment slot or order number you can take advantage of our SMS custom fields. This allows you to continue to use one standard template, or send out bulk SMS campaigns while also being able to include personalised details. Simply include the custom fields within your message and upon sending they will auto-fill with the correct details. Our awesome SMS guide will take you through these features step by step, so you will be sending out your business text messages in no time!

There is much more on the text platform too, for example, you can start sending using our email to SMS service, alternatively, you may want to take advantage of two way SMS, you could even decide to forward your received SMS messages onto another destination. Our how-to guide has it all! Also, our friendly team of SMS experts are on standby to help out so please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you wanted to bound back some other ideas for how your business can use our SMS service.

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