SMS for Memberships

I think it’s safe to say we all have at least one membership subscription coming out of our accounts each month, whether it’s for the gym, a streaming service or your favourite phone app. Sometimes it can be tricky to manage, especially for the providers themselves and as a business, it is essential to put as much effort into the retention of existing members, as you do to recruit new ones. This is where marketing and customer service need to compliment each other. SMS is the perfect addition to your marketing mix, you can easily communicate with both existing customers and new potential leads, while also boosting your customer support.

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How FireText can help:

With our feature-packed SMS platform, you are able to send out individual transactional messages as well as large bulk SMS marketing campaigns, making it perfect for your business. You could use SMS in so many different way to boost sales and customer support, as an example, when a new customer signs up for a membership, you can send out a simple thank you message, this will help to make them feel like a valued customer from the start, which is likely to increase their overall spend.

What’s also super handy is our SMS scheduling feature, it allows you to prepare your text marketing campaign then schedule it to be sent in the future, you can even choose to repeat the text message, this could be on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis. Because of these handy features, the FireText system is perfect for sending out renewal reminders, you can easily schedule a text message reminder to be sent as soon as a new customer joins, to ensure they continue their membership.

It gets better! Because along with our internal SMS features we also have numerous existing SMS integrations as well as our own SMS API. This means if you have a current management system, you can build FireText’s SMS platform right into the comfort of your own web-based platform. This will allow you to streamline your process even more, as you can take advantage of using one system for everything, our team of handy SMS experts are on hand to help so don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you wanted to discuss this option further.

SMS Marketing, can be used in many ways to help increase membership sales and retain existing customers, below is just a summary of a few ways you can use FireText's SMS solution for your business:

  • Send out thank you text messages when a new membership is started to boost your customer support.
  • Schedule your SMS messages to send out membership renewal reminders in order to help with the retention of your customers.
  • You could send out an SMS text messages including a referral link to engage with existing customers and ask them to share your platform with friends and family to expand your customer base.
  • Send out bulk SMS marketing campaigns including a discount code, which your loyal customer can benefit from. This will increase your brand loyalty and encourage existing customers to recommend your service.

If you wanted to talk through any of the suggestions mentioned, or any other plans for how you can get up and running with SMS, then our team on friendly SMS experts are on standby to help up, just get in touch :-)

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