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We understand that you're busy, so our awesome system lets you create messages when it suits you. Great for scheduling appointment or service reminders or even sending when you're away from the office.

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Schedule in advance

FireText makes it really easy to schedule your SMS text messages in advance. In fact, all it takes is for you to compose your SMS message, then you simply need to select the time and date and you’re all set to scheduel the message!

Scheduled Messages
Schedule Time & Date

Repeat your scheduled messages

You can even choose to repeat your scheduled message, just once or multiple times. This is perfect for reminder text messages, you can have the text go out a week before as well as the day before an event.

It’s super simple, it’s just a case of entering how often you want the text message to repeat and an end date of when you want it to stop.

Easily edit and cancel your scheduled messages

Once you have scheduled your SMS message you are able to easily manage these within the SCHEDULED tab on your FireText account.

Should you want to make any changes, or cancel the scheduled message before it sends, it can be done in a matter of minutes via the FireText app, which is extremely user-friendly!

Scheduled Messages

Scheduled SMS Messaging can be used across your business!

Scheduled text messaging is perfect to ensure your business processes are efficient and effective. You can reduce the number of missed appointments, as well as boosting sales and increasing repeat customers.


SMS messaging is the perfect way to have a direct communication with your contacts and it’s an awesome resource to send out appointment reminders.

Whether it’s for recruitment companies, estate agents or heathcare proffessionals, it is important appointments are not forgotton about and SMS reminders will help to reduce the number of missed appointments.

For example you could schedule a message a week before the appoinment then use the repeat function so it will be sent again the day before the appointment!

These messages will send behind the scense, making it efficient and therefore the perfect way to save money and time for your business.


You could use the SMS scheduling tool to help build excitement and boost sales for your upcoming events.

For example, when a ticket purchase is made, you could have messages scheduled leading up to the event which release more information. E.g. a music event could release more acts that are playing.

This could be done directly through our texting app, alternatively, you can choose to make use of FireText's scheduling tool via the API or through one of our awesome integrations.

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Not only is the scheduling feature perfect for events and appointments, but you can utilise it across multiple different industries, to help remind customers of important aspects.

For example if a customer is on an instalment plan you can schedule a repeat reminder message, notifying them when their next payment is due. By sending the text you are reducing the chance of missed payments in an efficient way!

The FireText SMS app is also a great resource to send out your renewal reminders, whether you're a garage and you want to schedule an MOT reminder or a Gym highlighting memberships that are due to expire, the scheduling tool will be the perfect feature for you.

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