SMS for Recruitment

Looking for a new job can always be stressful, whether you are jobless or moving positions the fear of the unknown lingers. Similarly, businesses looking to expand their team have their own issues, large amounts of, time, costs and effort are required and for some businesses, it’s not always as successful as they hope. As a recruitment company, you have the ability to remove the stress and worries for both employees and employers and turn recruiting into a seamless transition. SMS is the perfect tool to work alongside your recruitment team, you are able to reach out to your contacts quickly and effectively, to help fill vacancies, communicate with applicants and organise interviews.

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How FireText can help:

With our online text platform, you have the ability for easy two way text messaging. You can take advantage of our virtual SMS numbers, to send and receive text messages directly from your FireText account; making it super easy to manage conversations with applicants and employers. What’s awesome is that with our text numbers you also have the option to set up a forward, meaning you can send your received SMS messages onto another mobile number, an email or an HTTP post! This is perfect for when you have a large team, or an existing CRM, instead of having multiple FireText accounts, your team can send and receive text messages from the comfort of their email or existing system.

Along with our SMS forwarding, we have several SMS integrations with a number of recruitment systems, meaning you can start sending out your text messages right away from your existing platform. We are on standby to help you get this set up, however it's often as simple as passing your FireText log in details across to your recruitment software and you will be up and running in no time! We even have our own SMS API for those specialist systems, which will allow you to build SMS into any web-based system easily and efficiently.

Our SMS platform is packed with awesome features to ensure you can maximise your SMS campaigns, in the most efficient way possible. For example, our templates feature is perfect for recruitment companies, it allows you to write out a message and save it so you can easily select it instead of having to write it out each time. This feature is perfect for when you are sending out messages with the same or similar content, just like job openings or appointment reminders.

So as an overview, here are just a few of the awesome ways you can start using SMS for Recruitment companies:

  • You can send out a bulk SMS campaign to highlight any new job opportunities to all the relevant clients, within a matter of minutes. This means you will be able to fill job positions quickly and efficiently, which will be beneficial for both the employer and employee.
  • You can use SMS messaging to send out interview dates and appointment reminders, to ensure you are providing your customers with an enjoyable experience, this will encourage recommendations and return customers.
  • Take advantage of two way SMS to send a follow-up text message to your client to see how they got on with their interviews. By providing support throughout the whole process you are able to maximise your customer satisfaction.

The ideas listed above are just some of the ways your recruitment business can use text messaging. Our friendly team of SMS experts are on hand to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have, we would love to bounce back some ideas for how you can get up and running!

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