SMS Marketing Bootcamp

Marketing is essential for a business to be successful and with technology continuously advancing there are several different systems you can use in order to reach your target audience. However, with multiple different generations using various different platforms ranging from email marketing to social media marketing it can be difficult to determine what is necessary and will have the best impact for your business.

However, this is exactly why SMS text messaging is an essential part of your marketing mix, stats show over 5 billion people own a mobile phone and this will only continue to grow, making mobile marketing the ideal communication tool to reach out to your whole customer base. The FireText online SMS platform is the perfect resource to start sending out your text marketing campaigns right away. With our easy to use platform and friendly team of SMS experts on standby to assist, you can start sending your SMS messages instantly!

We’ve put together this awesome SMS Bootcamp guide which will take you through everything you need to know to get started with SMS Marketing for your business. Whether it’s ideas on lead generation or top tips such as personalising your text campaign in order to get the best results, we have it all!

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