Case Study: Harley Court Cosmetic Centres

Harley Court are a well-established cosmetics clinic which started 14 years ago in the South of England. As they continue to expand their client bases across the UK, they wanted to explore new ways to stay in touch and communicate with their clients.

“Nearly everybody today has a mobile phone and it constantly gets checked” – Emma from Harley Court Cosmetic Centres talks to us about why they chose to incorporate SMS into their communication strategy with customers.

The Objective

  • To keep customers using their services
  • To stay in regular contact with customers
  • To send out personalised birthday messages
  • To send appointment reminders


The Plan

Harley Court Cosmetic Centres had a large database of clients who they wanted to maintain regular contact with, whilst ensuring that they’re customer service was exceptional. They also considered using email, and mail shots via post, but felt that SMS was the most immediate and personal way to reach their customers.

The incentive was to make sure that customers were coming back to use their services again and again by using a tool that was both cost-effective and fast. However, they knew that because of the nature of their product, weekly or monthly updates would be too much. They decided to send a SMS to clients, once a year, on their birthday which would include a gift voucher.

Sending a promotional birthday text message to clients was a great way of adding that extra personal touch to their customer service. It was also an effective way of maintaining regular contact with customers whilst offering them an incentive to come back again for another treatment. Emma said that FireText was easy to set up and a great time saver as they didn’t have to do anything. They simply scheduled the messages to go out, and the platform took care of the rest.

In addition to the birthday texts, Emma said that they use the platform to send out promotional offers and bonuses to customers they haven’t spoken to for a while. She said that they felt, as a business, SMS was the best way of communicating with customers alongside calling them, because everybody has a mobile phone nowadays and it constantly gets checked.

The Message

“Hi {{firstname}} it is your Birthday this month we would like to give you £25 off your next treatment! Please show at appointment. Kind Regards Harley Court.”

The Results

Emma said they chose to use FireText because the website was professional and easy to navigate. She liked that there was always someone to talk to almost immediately when she had any questions. Best of all she said that she didn’t encounter any challenges implementing the SMS strategy.

They were able to regain customers that could have gone elsewhere by sending birthday and promotional texts with a click of a button!

Emma tells us “more and more customers are using their birthday voucher each month, increasing sales and repeat business, but more importantly the feedback from customers has been amazing.”

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