Case Study: Neom Organics

Neom Organics create a range of scented, all-natural products that de-stress revitalise and re-energise. Nicki, Neom’s Content and Communications Executive, spoke to us about adding SMS to their communications to boost their most recent marketing campaign, the 28 Day Happiness programme.

The Objective

  • To communicate with customers on their 28 Day Happiness programme
  • Provide regular communication to improve customers well-being
  • Find a suitable new communication method

The Plan

Neom Organics wanted to introduce new communication methods for the 28 Day Happiness Programme as it required additional communication with customers. Nicki said, ‘we primarily use email and social media to engage with our customers, however SMS seemed like a brilliant option to explore.’

‘FireText was recommended to us by a business consultant who had heard about their services in the past.’

neom- flowers

After a bit of research, Nicki decided to send regular motivational messages to help communicate their 28 Day Happiness Programme to their customers. The texts would include handy hints and tips that were aimed towards helping people feel happier in their day-to-day life whilst keeping the Neom brand in customers mind regularly.

Nicki explained, ‘SMS served a quick, simple and fuss-free way to communicate with our customers, it also suited our demographic for this particular campaign.’

The Messages

“Tomorrow’s tip is to try a new recipe, so check out our suggestions on page 21 of your Happiness Handbook and make sure you have all you need to get creative in the kitchen. Tweet or Instagram your pics using #NeomHappy100 too! Love, Team Neom x Opt-out? Text NMSTOP to 82228”

“Tidy desk, tidy mind – kickstart your week by decluttering your workspace. Love, Team Neom x Opt-out? Text NMSTOP to 82228”

“Don’t forget to pop into your favourite florist or supermarket and pick up a bunch of mood-boosting blooms! Share your snaps on Twitter and Instagram using #NeomHappy100. Love, Team Neom x Opt-out? Text NMSTOP to 82228”

“It’s the last day of the Neom Happiness Programme! Today, think about how you’ll keep a focus on happiness for the months to come, and share your thoughts on the 28 day process on Twitter and Instagram using #NeomHappy100. Love, Team Neom x Opt-out? Text NMSTOP to 82228”

The Results

As a result of the campaign, Neom experienced a very low drop out rate for customers on their 28 Day Happiness programme.

We asked them why they thought this was, and they said it was down to the fact that text messages are a non-invasive way of reaching out to people.

92% of customers on the 28 Day Happiness programme felt uplifted and in a better mood following the programme.

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