Case Study: Rugged London

Rugged London supply reclaimed building materials to businesses and individuals in the UK and Europe. David Northrop who heads up the team at Rugged London tells us how he achieved huge click through rates and customer interaction with his SMS give away!

The Objective

  • To add a personal touch to marketing communications
  • To gain feedback from his customers
  • To promote a customer’s restaurant

The Plan

David meets all of his customers face to face and wants his marketing follow-ups to reflect this by being personal and coming direct from him. He has been collecting mobile numbers in his iPhone as he speaks to customers and wanted to find a way to communicate with each of these instantly and personally.

David explained: “I have used SMS marketing before so I know it’s benefits, but this is the first time I had tried it out for Rugged London. I needed the messages to be personal to fit with my existing brand and communications, but also wanted the option to send in bulk and track results, FireText offered all of this.”

Using a free app to export all of the contacts from iPhone to a CSV file meant David didn’t have to manual transfer all of the contacts across, as this included customer names, David was able to use this information when composing the message so each one looked individually addressed.


David wanted to gain feedback from his customers and show an interest in what they were doing with the products, so his idea was to encourage them to send an image to his mobile of how they were using their materials. To entice customers to do this he included a giveaway to the first 30 customers replying.

Not only did the giveaway mean David could give something back to his clients as a thank you – it was also a great way to promote one of his existing customer’s restaurants.

The Message

Hey {{firstname}} its David again! I’d love to see a pic of what you’ve done with your boards & any feedback for our new website. The first 30 photos will receive a FREE meal at {{url=}} Enjoy David

 The Results

The campaign was a huge hit! Delivery rate was 97% and the click through rate was a fantastic 23.9% – much higher than the average 3-5%.

Of 637 clients contacted with this campaign a total of 117 images were sent back to his mobile – that’s awesome!

David tells us; “the key to SMS marketing is to personalise every campaign you send, each of my customers thought this message was directly sent to them making them feel more inclined to interact and reply to me.”

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