Case study: Love Hemp

Love Hemp is the UK’s leading supplier of CBD and hemp products. With a mission to educate their audience, Love Hemp takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing – promoting the benefits of CBD alongside everything from yoga and meditation to diet and hydration. They came to FireText from another SMS provider and instantly appreciated our awesome customer service.

What was Love Hemp’s objective?

Wellbeing education is a core part of Love Hemp’s mission. Their objective when first coming to FireText was to dedicate more time to SMS as a channel. With a hefty email list, Love Hemp wanted to give their customers a chance to choose their channel preference, while opening up SMS communications as a more consistent option.

What was the challenge?

Marketing reach is a challenging obstacle to navigate in the CBD industry, which proves difficult when promoting the lifestyle benefits of Love Hemp’s CBD products.

But Love Hemp’s audience is vast. Their demographic is mostly made up of loyal, returning customers ranging from 18 to 60 years old.

Paris, Senior Marketing Manager at Love Hemp, says that their old marketing approach wasn’t conscious of their typical buyer cycle, but their strategy evolved and became more targeted with work and time. As the products are designed to last around 30 days, Love Hemp started to build communications with this in mind.

What kind of messages do Love Hemp send from FireText?

Love Hemp tends to send promotional messages, particularly during bank holidays, special occasions and other significant sales periods.

Paris says they purposely drip-feed text messages so that customers don’t feel overwhelmed. This strategy aims to strike a balance between informing customers about their offers while respecting their boundaries. The right balance ensures that promotional messages are well received and valued by their customer base.

What results have they seen so far with FireText?

Love Hemp has seen outstanding success from their SMS campaigns so far. As part of their 2023 May Bank Holiday Sale campaign, they promoted a 40% off sale. Despite sending a text message campaign to a small targeted list of just 4,000 contacts, this provided a 10% contribution to their overall monthly revenue. SMS was the fourth-highest revenue driver across their top five channels.

Paris says SMS ticks all the boxes that email and social media don’t. It’s a direct, personable channel. And it’s ideal for loyal customers because it’s like you’re reaching out to a friend. It suits Love Hemp’s connection to their audience, enforces their trust, and allows them to build more rapport using their friendly tone of voice.

What made Love Hemp choose FireText?

‘we love FireText because it’s easy to use and to upload contacts’, says Paris.

Paris also praises the customer service, saying it’s great, and any questions the team have are answered straight away.

From the start, FireText’s experts jumped on a call with the team at Love Hemp and got them set up with everything they needed, including a vanity URL and an opt-out URL.

What’s next for Love Hemp?

Going forwards, Paris says Love Hemp would like to offer their customers more opportunities to opt in to their SMS list. Love Hemp has over 60,000 email subscribers who have opted in from the beginning, and they’d like to open up SMS as a prominent channel in their marketing mix.

They’re currently looking at ways to grow their SMS database using our guide to lead generation. This includes a QR code for offline and online promotions, the tap-to-text function and a keyword on 82228.

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