Platform update: Silky smooth CSV upload

We never rest on our laurels here at FireText. We’ve made some tweaks to keep evolving the platform and make it even smoother. For seasoned professionals, the changes are seamless and integrate with your current flow.

From clear data field mapping to more detailed contact upload reports, here’s 4 stand-out updates you’ll see in your account.

1. Data field mapping just got a whole lot smoother

We’ve converted from the drag-and-drop function to dropdown options. So now you can select the data header in the dropdown box. Not only can you upload CSVs with many more columns, it’ll give you some real-time feedback on the formatting of your mobile numbers too! Get advance warning if Excel has saved your CSV in the dreaded scientific notation!

2. Your upload report is more specific

For our standard UK-only customers, any errors with the mobile numbers in your data file are now even more obvious. We understand that in a rush these can sometimes be missed. We hope now, they won’t be! We want your campaign to be a success and your data is at the heart of that!

3. You can download the original CSV file you uploaded

Did I or didn’t I?! It’s handy to check your original upload. We’ve all been there; sometimes a file is named very similar, and the wrong file has been selected. Now you can sanity check this by seeing the original data file you uploaded.

4. View a full itemised report

Looking for a single report with each line detailed on the success or failure of the upload? We’ve got you covered. We’ll take each of your uploaded lines and report exactly the outcome, making it easy to track down that odd entry!

We’ve updated our help guide too. Click here to see the latest changes in action.

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