New Feature: Emojis are here

Want to add some character to your SMS messages? Well look no further FireText are pleased to be launching a new feature, to add a bit of extra fun – Emojis are here!

With SMS messaging becoming a growing communication platform for both marketing messages and business communications, it may sometimes be hard to present a particular emotion across through text. This is where Emojis come in handy! They are the perfect tool to immediately convey emotion such as adding humour and even urgency.

New SMS feature: Emoji

Emojis are great for making your messages pop to the customer and they are also the perfect way to represent your brand image. For example, if you’re having a last minute flash sale you can choose to send Emojis to express the urgency as well as the excitement that you are trying to put across in the message.

Emojis are the cherry on top for your SMS messages, they help to them give the perfect effect on your audience.

If you’re wanting to utilise our awesome emojis feature, just get in touch with one of the team today and they can get it up and running for you straight away!

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