New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve decided to make our New Year’s Resolutions collectively this year in the FireText office, and I’m pretty confident we can stick to all of them!


1. Keep our desk messy

We’ve heard that a messy desk means you’re creative and full of new ideas so we think we’ll put off tidying the desk for another year at least.

2. Eat more sweets

We’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth here at FireText HQ; we’ve recently learnt that this makes us more agreeable and willing to help others with that in mind we’re opening the biscuits.

3. Take an afternoon nap

Don’t get us wrong, we love our jobs, however, we’ve heard that we should relax more to make work time more productive. So, to keep us working hard on making your campaigns a success, we’ll make sure we get plenty of rest.

4. Drink more coffee

Turns out coffee does much more than keep us awake in the afternoon; it is suggested that it prevents disease and helps us live longer, and there are also some surprising brain benefits to enjoying a few cups.

 5. Text more

Mobile marketing is set to be even bigger in 2014 and research suggests that SMS offers are ten times more likely to be redeemed than those on email. Our plan is to continue to send lots of successful campaigns in 2014, ensuring we have lots of happy customers!

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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