Join the fight against rising SMS costs

FireText Director James Huff has written the following statement in response to rising costs in the UK SMS marketplace, and what FireText is doing to fight for our customers.

Over the last 36 months, the UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have announced a string of unprecedented price rises in the Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS marketplace. These increases have risen well above the rate of inflation. Being at the heart of the UK A2P SMS marketplace, FireText is not immune to these rises.

Each UK MNO has complete control over pricing access for SMS to reach its own mobile users without regulatory oversight or effective competition. At a time when large operating costs – such as energy – are forecast to decrease, the UK MNOs are continuing to raise prices at very short notice.

FireText supports many SME and NHS customers alike and has raised serious concerns to the network regulator (OFCOM) about these price rises and their subsequent impact on businesses and the NHS. FireText will continue to fight for all our customers and commit to only passing on these price rises at cost to help mitigate this impact.

What can you do? As a FireText customer, we’re asking you to join the fight and complete our quick 4-question survey on how you feel about these price rises and their impact on your organisation.

To take part in the survey, please email us at Responses close on 31st May 2024, ready to submit the results to OFCOM by 30th June 2024. Thank you!

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