Smartphones Now Most Popular Way to Browse the Internet

A report by Ofcom finds that smartphones are now the most popular way to browse the internet with a third of all online access now being via smartphones.

Although this rise has been predicted, the numbers are up a whopping 23% from 2014 with the biggest factor effecting mobile surfing being the surge in 4G networks available across the UK.

The high-speed data networks means that increased popularity in streaming video clips and on-demand TV services on mobile phones is now much faster and much more accessible on the go.

“We now spend almost twice as long online with our smartphones than on laptops and personal computers. On average, adult mobile users spent nearly two hours online each day using a smartphone in March 2015 (1 hour and 54 minutes), compared to just over an hour on laptops and PCs (1 hour and nine minutes).” Ofcom, 2015

What does this mean?

It’s more important than ever to ensure your brand is using mobile. According to Ofcom, almost two-thirds of 4G phone owners said that they “couldn’t live without” their phone highlighting just how important mobile devices are to users daily.


How can you increase your mobile presence?

Sending SMS messages are great, short, snappy and straight to the user’s pocket, but have you thought about enhancing the content of your campaigns?

Including a link in your SMS messages will add value to your customers, sending them straight to your website or video content whilst also tracking who’s interacting with you.

If you’ve not tried including trackable URLs in your campaigns, now looks to be a good time to start!

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