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Deliver instant house information to home-buyers wherever they are, whatever time of the day.

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SMS text messaging really transforms the way Estate Agents communicate with house-hunters.

Deliver instant house information to home-buyers wherever they are, whatever time of the day.

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Potential house-buyers can request instant information to their phone whilst stood outside their dream house, outside the office or in response to some print advertising.

Using FireText's keyword & shortcode - a quick text message can be sent to automatically trigger price information, number of bedrooms, even an audio tour of the property. Home-buyers have instant information to take away and share with partners, friends and family. As an agent, you collect instant contact information, even when the office is closed.

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4.90 / 5 Rating
71 Reviews
I have found FireText to be extremely easy and cost effective to use. The straight forward pricing is wonderful as is the functionality of the website. I have always had immediate and helpful responses to my enquiries which is a breath of fresh air. I can't fault the product or the customer service; both are excellent.
I had a technical query relating to the FireText service as I was intending to integrate the sending of text messages with my C# application. I contacted the FireText support about this and they responded quickly and with all the information that I needed, even providing some C# code that they use for doing what I wanted. All in all an excellent service and I would highly recommend them.
Every 3/4 months we put a new group of people onto Fire Text. Sometimes we email each group as a whole but often we send texts to smaller groups within the larger group. Unfortunately it saves each group as a new list which is very annoying as we now have loads of lists. Please take a loot at our account for further info. Is there any way this could be changed please. Thanks