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Effective communication

SMS Marketing can provide hotels and guest houses with an incredibly effective communication tool - from pre-visit messages to updates of late availability.

Hotel SMS Example
Service to Hotels SMS Example

Amazing service

Imagine en-route to your hotel, you receive a warm & personal text message from the excited hotel team looking forward to your visit. How about receiving a text thanking you of your visit to the hotel and wishing a safe return journey - awesome & extended customer service.

Send offers instantly

Perhaps, you have an in-house spa or restaurant and would like to offer empty treatments and seats to local residents. Start building an instant list and send late availability offers with ease.

FireText and SMS make this messaging very easy indeed. All your day's guests can be contacted within minutes - whether its 5 individuals or 555.

SMS Offer for Hotels

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4.89 / 5 Rating
72 Reviews
This service has been incredibly helpful for us to remind people that they have booked an event with us and has decreased the drop-out rate significantly. Thank you!
I have found FireText to be extremely easy and cost effective to use. The straight forward pricing is wonderful as is the functionality of the website. I have always had immediate and helpful responses to my enquiries which is a breath of fresh air. I can't fault the product or the customer service; both are excellent.
I had a technical query relating to the FireText service as I was intending to integrate the sending of text messages with my C# application. I contacted the FireText support about this and they responded quickly and with all the information that I needed, even providing some C# code that they use for doing what I wanted. All in all an excellent service and I would highly recommend them.