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Using our online SMS platform you can send bulk SMS to every parent, or send individual SMS text messages meaning you can stay in touch at just the click of a button.

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Sending SMS notifications about absentees or upcoming deadlines regarding school trips can be managed easily and quickly.

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4.90 / 5 Rating
69 Reviews
Every 3/4 months we put a new group of people onto Fire Text. Sometimes we email each group as a whole but often we send texts to smaller groups within the larger group. Unfortunately it saves each group as a new list which is very annoying as we now have loads of lists. Please take a loot at our account for further info. Is there any way this could be changed please. Thanks
I was blown away with firetext when I used for the first time. It's very good for the company who would love to interact with clients, employees etc. Very easy to use & you definitely won't regret it. I would recommend firetext to anyone for 1000%.
since my contact with fire-text the service has been excellent, as some one with no knowledge of this service and its potential they have helped me all the way. Steve GPPbuilders ltd