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Estate Agents

Create a smooth experience for vendors and buyers alike with SMS. Get full content support from our team of experts and send from FireText’s safe-as-houses SMS platform.

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Create a homely

experience with SMS

Put warmth into the home buying process. Take advantage of our simple platform and content expertise to stand out with friendly and personable messages – from property alerts to viewing reminders.

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Easily engage with

prospective buyers

Using FireText's lead generation tools, recipients can request more information on their interested property. Upon scanning a QR code or texting a keyword to 82228, recipients can follow the process to receive an auto-response with all the property details.

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Stand out in the

estate agent crowd

You can use any old texting platform, or you can use FireText. We help you create and send content that can help to humanise the homebuying experience, going above and beyond in supporting you and your clients.

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We help you create homely content

As content experts with years of customer support experience, we can help you create and send messages that have a positive impact on your customers. Send us your drafted content and we can review it with you. We'll help you optimise every message you send.

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Top texting tools for estate agents

Keep vendors and buyers happy with awesome SMS tools and communicate with your audience on a personable level.

Have conversations with customers

Using a FireText reply number, you can both send & receive text messages from both vendors and buyers. It's a great way to stay in touch.

Integrate your software with SMS

Build a custom-made integration with FireText using our open API. For example, when you confirm a viewing, this can trigger a text.

Streamline your communications

Using FireText's Email to SMS, you can send SMS messages from the comfort of your emails - so you can easily balance emails & texts!

Provide multiple SMS touchpoints

From first viewing to completion, keep your vendors & buyers in the loop with quick SMS updates - saving you time in the long run.

Schedule viewing reminders

FireText's simple scheduling tool allows you to plan messages - super handy when you have a hectic schedule.

Boost social proof with reviews

Reviews provide the ultimate gateway for new customers. Why not personally reach out to recent buyers & vendors for feedback?

Start sending SMS in no time...

From signing up to sending, you'll get your message out to guests and heighten their enhance their experience before you know it.


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