SMS for
Events & Conferences

Arguably the most effective channel for events, SMS helps you communicate with the crowds in real time. Send campaigns, reminders & confirmations ahead of your big events. And do it all with our market-leading content support.

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Hype up your events

with SMS campaigns

Reach out to your event attendees ahead of the big event. Conduct a riveting countdown, provide last-minute updates and iron out the experience with vital attendance info - making the event literally unmissable!

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Boost attendance

with fun reminders

Schedule SMS reminders to increase the chances of 100% attendance. Pull on our expertise to build messages that are the perfect balance between fun (for engagement) and functional (for accessibility).

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Generate leads

for the long term

Looking for longevity beyond a one-off event? Encourage your attendee to sign up to SMS updates for the long run. Whether you're including an opt-in as part of the ticket checkout or doing a social push, use our lead generation tools.

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Create eventful texts with our support

Top-tier security is FireText expectation, not a certification. Everyone says they're secure, but as the leading provider for the government & NHS, our data security is in a class of its own. We've trailblazed a strong bulk SMS blueprint that protects you and your customers' data.

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SMS tools & tips for events

The best tools to support you with your event - allowing you to stay on top of the latest updates straight to the hands of your recipients.

Send reactive texts

Deliver to-the-minute messages to keep your attendees in the loop. Within minutes, you can compose any last-minute updates to your group.

Enhance their experience

Make use of our expert content advice to create topical, friendly texts. Enhance the experience with extras like directions and upgrades.

Make things accessible

Attendees are likely to have questions ahead of your event. Make this easy by enabling replies via a FireText reply number.

Track your URL clicks

Use FireText's track URL to analyse who has and hasn't clicked links.This helps you create targeted texts depending on behaviour.

Personalise your bulk texts

Use our personalisation tools to make bulk SMS messages feel like individual texts. This makes your campaigns compelling and engaging.

Collect post-event feedback

Want to know what you can do to improve your events? With soaring open rates, SMS is the best way to collate feedback.

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