SMS for
Health & Fitness

With FireText's SMS platform you can increase gym members, build relationships with your customers and reduce no-shows for your PT appointments.

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Retain, engage & inform

your gym members

Reach out directly to your loyal members. From personalised fitness tips to last-minute updates, keep your members happy and healthy. SMS is the perfect channel for reactive, real-time updates.

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Deliver targeted fitness

programmes via SMS

Using our inbound SMS tools, you can guide your members through a targeted fitness journey. Whether they want a 2-month full body focus or a 2-week intensity program, your members can subscribe to their desired schedule.

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Increase memberships

with SMS campaigns

Or get old members back! With so many members coming and going, SMS is the best way to reach out. Convert your social media following to SMS leads using our tools, and take advantage of our marketing expertise for content advice.

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We help you achieve your goals

Enlist the experience of our SMS communication experts! Once you have your content drafted, we can take a look and provide you with any top tips or suggestions to help you make the most of your SMS campaigns - whatever your goal.

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Top SMS tools & tips for gyms

From time-saving features to reactive campaigns, here are the tools that help you transform texts into gym loyalty.

Inspire memberships with SMS lead generation

From keywords to QR codes, use our tools to increase your contact list of prospective gym-goers.

Personalise your mass messages

Send updates or marketing campaigns to your existing members, and make them personal with custom fields like first names.

Become a mobile personal trainer

Create tailored SMS campaigns for specific fitness programmes, and interact with members with weekly updates or motivations.

Create targeted campaigns

Use FireText's simple platform to upload targeted contact categories, including VIPs, new members or lapsed gym-goers. Create relevant content per group.

Deliver last-minute SMS messages

If you need to push an urgent campaign, SMS is the way to do it. Write your message and send it out to your gym-going contacts in minutes.

Simply schedule your text messages

Use FireText's easy scheduling tool to plan your messages in advance, letting your messages work around you and your schedule.

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