SMS for
Hotels & Guest Houses

Give your guests a five-star experience using SMS. Engage with them before and after their visit to enhance their stay & keep them coming back for more.

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Win over guests

before check-in

Create an awesome experience before your guests have even walked through the door. Introduce yourself from the desk, so you build rapport with your guests and in turn, create a positive experience for them.

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Enhance guest experience

from the get-go

From weather-based activity suggestions and providing directions to pampering your guests with extra special treatment, use the timely and friendly nature of SMS to be your guest's very own mobile guide.

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Encourage guests to

return with follow-ups

Catch your guests after they visit and use our SMS survey capabilities to ask them how their stay was. Or allow for real-time feedback so if you need to, you can improve their experience there and then.

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We help you create memorable messages

As content experts with years of customer support experience, we can help you create and send messages that have a positive impact on your guests. Send us your drafted content and we can review it with you.

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SMS tools & tips for hotels

Help guests enjoy their stay with these top ways to use FireText for hotels.

Receive replies with two-way SMS

Using a FireText reply number, you can converse with your guests, give real-time support or respond to requests.

Integrate with your hotel software

Using our API, your developers can build a custom-made integration with FireText, so texts can be triggered by your desired actions.

Send texts last-minute boosts

What better way to fill last-minute rooms than to reach out to interested parties via SMS? Using FireText’s tier-1 networks, it’s reliable & pretty much instant.

Request reviews from your guests

Ask guests for a review after their stay. Include a review link in your messages, or ask for feedback there and then using a reply number.

Retarget past guests

Got an awesome offer you want to shout about? Reach out to your past guests with your offers, like you’re contacting an old friend.

Schedule texts for guests

Schedule texts around your schedule. From late check-ins to marketing campaigns, you can plan messages ahead so they work around your busy day.

Start sending SMS in no time...

From signing up to sending, you'll get your message out to guests and heighten their enhance their experience before you know it.


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