SMS for
Retail Shops

Encourage shop visits and build your customer base with SMS campaigns. Create unmissable SMS campaigns using FireText’s content support and our time-saving platform.

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Generate SMS leads

with in-store incentives

Sprinkle your shop with QR codes on receipts and posters and watch leads roll in. Retain your visiting customers by offering an initial discount when they opt in, and keep them engaged with awesome SMS campaigns from that point on.

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Send reactive

marketing campaigns

Say you're hosting a big sale in-store and you're not quite getting the footfall you wanted. Why not send a last-minute SMS boost to encourage more visitors to the sale?

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Create a smoother

experience with SMS

Use SMS to support your customers and keep them in the loop - whether their desired item is back in stock, or you're incentivising them to review your awesome shop.

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Choose unrivalled security

Top-tier security is FireText expectation, not a certification. Everyone says they're secure, but as the leading provider for the government & NHS, our data security is in a class of its own. We've trailblazed a strong bulk SMS blueprint that protects you and your customers' data.

SMS tools & tips for retail shops

From time-saving features to reactive campaigns, here's the tools that helps retailers transform texts into sales.

Boost your retail sales with SMS

Build rapport from the moment your customer interacts. Provide a smooth experience through multiple touchpoints.

Personalise your mass messages

Create human-friendly content with our tools and support. Use custom fields, like first names, to personalise bulk campaigns.

Reward loyalty with personable SMS

It's super easy to upload different contact groups. Separate your loyal customers from the rest, upload them, and send them a personalised text.

Schedule your SMS campaigns

Schedule your text messages in advance, and let your campaigns work around you. No need to log in to the platform - just send in advance.

Track your campaign URLs

Use FireText's track URL tool to include trackable, shortened links in your campaigns. See who has and hasn't clicked, and send targeted SMS follow-ups.

Send reliable SMS campaigns

FireText only passes your messages through UK data centres and tier-1 networks, providing you with a reliable way to send SMS campaigns.

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