Automate SMS with FireText & Zapier

With technology advancing and new systems being developed constantly, business practices are continuously changing and becoming more efficient than ever. However, it’s unlikely a business will have one stand-alone system that does everything, which is where Zapier comes in handy!

Our Online SMS Platform has an awesome integration with Zapier which means you have the ability to connect SMS with 1000’s of additional apps, without needing any development skills. The automation system works on actions and triggers and the FireText integration allows you to connect to other apps in order to add a contact or send an SMS, alternatively, FireText could trigger another action when you receive an SMS message.

This means that your business can take advantage of all the awesome benefits of SMS Marketing, while still being able to manage it all from the comfort of your current CRM, eCommerce site or recruitment software, to name a few! We have put together some blogs with some top tips, take a look at some example zaps which highlight how you can integrate FireText with your favourite CRM systems.

Every app has different rules, so we would suggest having a play around with all the different triggers and options, our handy SMS guide below will highlight the full details. If you wanted to talk through some ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are on standby to help you :-)

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