Keep customers happy with SMS and your favourite CRM platform via Zapier

Your customer relationship management (or CRM) software is your knowledge hub for your leads, customers and projects; so making sure all the data is correct and up to date is a must.

If you’re looking to add SMS to the mix, you can use our handy integration with Zapier to automate SMS reminders for upcoming tasks, share contacts with your FireText account for future marketing or customer service campaigns or let customers send in enquiries by text.

Zapier is hooked up to over 1000+ software apps, if you look at customer relationship management specifically there’s plenty to choose from, in fact there’s 71, including some of your favourites like Salesforce, Capsule CRM and Insightly, we’ve put together a few ways you can use these to make your CRM super-smart and add SMS really easily to your workflow:

This is just a handful of ideas to get you started, head over to Zapier to explore even more.

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