SMS for E-Commerce

Ecommerce is a competitive market for all businesses, in order to stay on top they promote their products and services in a number of ways directly to their customer base. This helps to boost sales and build brand awareness. Mobile has become apart of our everyday lives we rely on it for the simplest of tasks, getting the bus, paying for the shopping, directions to the next stop. No matter the circumstances mobile phones are with our every step, so it should be an essential part of your marketing mix.

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How FireText can help:

FireText offers the perfect text solution for e-commerce businesses to be able to directly reach out to their customers. Our number of handy SMS marketing features mean any business within the e-commerce industry will benefit from SMS. You could decide to send directly from our online SMS platform, which is super user friendly and allows you to easily and efficiently send out your text messages. Whether you're sending out a large bulk SMS campaign to share a last-minute offer you have across your site, or a few individual messages to share your referral program, we are on standby to help out.

Alternatively, you can send from the comfort of your own email client, using our awesome Email to SMS service, which is perfect for when you are managing a large team. Everyone can send our their text messages through one FireText account, but instead of sharing the login details, it can all be done from their own email.

On top of this, we have multiple handy SMS integrations so you can easily pair FireText with your current system. And for those specialist programs which may not have an existing integration, we have our own SMS API! This will allow you to integrate SMS text messaging into any existing web-based platform easily and efficiently.

Essentially where SMS sits in your marketing reach, is to be able to reach customers directly in an instant and statists show SMS has a 98% open rate, so you can almost be certain that when you send your SMS message it will be read. Due to the personal nature of an SMS message, you can use it to help maximise your customer service. Whether it is used for delivery updates or as a thank you message when an order is made. That extra effort will make your customers feel valued, which will increase and develop your brand loyalty.

So as a breakdown, below are just some of the awesome ways you can start using SMS to benefit your E-commerce business:

  • Use text messaging to send out order confirmations and updates. You could send out an SMS message instantly after they make their order to thank them, then send out follow up messages to provide delivery updates.
  • Boost customer service by sending out a follow-up message a few days after they have received your product to make sure they are happy with their purchase. This will help to retain your existing customers and build up your brand loyalty.
  • SMS is perfect for time-bound campaigns, so if you have a last-minute sale or offer you can send a bulk text campaign out to your database instantly. You could even include a trackable link, to boost traffic to your website!
  • Increase your reach by sending out text messages including referral links and rewards to existing customers. This will encourage them to recommend your products to their friends and family, which will boost your sales.

If you wanted to explore some other ways you could use our SMS gateway for your E-commerce business our friendly team of SMS experts are here to help out so please don’t hesitate to get in touch :-)

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