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FireText is a leading UK SMS platform, we provide our services to thousands of businesses and have customers in both the public & private sectors including animal healthcare, gaming, logistics, hospitality & attractions, pharmaceutical, local government, internet and sports sectors, sending millions of messages every month. SMS Marketing is such a versatile solution, meaning it can be used successfully within any industry. There are so many handy SMS features, to ensure you can get the most out of your text campaigns in an efficient and effective manner.

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How FireText can help:

The use of SMS for business purposes is continuously growing as more organisations are starting to see outstanding results. It offers you a direct, personal communication platform that is instant, reliable and both time and cost-effective, all in one! As an SMS provider, we have seen it be used in many different ways, whether you’re a garage sending out individual texts highlighting MOT reminders, or an online retailer sending out Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns to share your last-minute sales, the texts are delivered directly to your customer’s phone within a few moments.

Here at FireText, we understand that every business is different and will operate in their own ways, so we have made sure our SMS web app caters for that. For some businesses our online text app is perfect, it is packed with several features such as SMS Templates, SMS Custom Fields, SMS Keywords and much more, which helps make SMS Marketing easy. If your managing a team you could decide to take advantage of our Sub account facility, where you can add multiple users in different ways. You could choose to put restrictions in place and have the accounts working separately to one another or you could have message history and contacts being shared across users and allow them to use the platform as they wish - it’s super flexible making SMS perfect for every business.

Other companies may opt for using our Email to SMS service, which means they can send out text messages from the comfort of their own email client while also being able to simply add their whole team under one account, so it’s super easy to manage. Alternatively, you may have an existing platform that you want to integrate text messaging into, we have built several SMS integrations that you can get up and running with right away. Alternatively, for the web-based platforms that are more specific, we have an awesome SMS API!

There are so many different uses of SMS that your business could benefit from, you can see just a few ideas below:

  • Engage with customers to help boost brand loyalty and awareness
  • Communicate with staff, to provide information and updates
  • Send out Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns, for things such as one-time offers, upcoming events and promotions
  • Send out individual transactional SMS messages, which are perfect for text reminders, updates and confirmations

Essentially any business can use SMS in any way to help communicate with customers and staff, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to discuss how you can start sending SMS!

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