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Unlimited Contacts

Got contacts? There’s no limit to uploading opted-in contacts to your FireText account. Simply segment your audiences and send them messages in a matter of minutes.

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Have a birds-eye view

of your contacts

No need for fancy address books here - managing your contacts is super simple. Manage, merge and edit your groups in your contacts section. Send text messages to your uploaded contacts at the click of a button.

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Easily upload your

mobile numbers

Upload your contacts from your FireText account in a .csv format, via copy & paste or through one of our 3rd party integration partners. Upload custom information, like first names, with every mobile number to personalise your texts.

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Segment your contacts

to boost engagement

The more targeted your content, the more it resonates with your audience. Segment your groups depending on user behaviour. Or use SMS keywords, so recipients can be saved to your chosen group when they respond.

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We make the admin approachable

These handy features make it simple to manage your contacts, so you can focus on creating impactful messages.

Easily upload your contacts

Upload your contacts using a CSV, copy & paste or a 3rd party integration partner- and voila, send out your message!

Auto-update existing contacts

Update info associated with mobile numbers in your account. Super handy if a customer has updated their details.

View upload results

View the status of each number after every upload. The system will tell you if what’s been uploaded, or any are invalid.

Add group descriptions

Add unique details such as group names, your sender ID and a description (for your reference) per group.

Manage individual contacts

When you edit a contact, you can update any custom info and see which groups they belong to in your account.

Upload custom information

With every number, you can upload a first name, surname and three custom fields of your choice. A great way to personalise.


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