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FireText’s Email to SMS Gateway lets you send instant SMS messages to your customers via your favourite email client. Receive and respond to SMS replies straight from your inbox too!

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Send SMS from

any email client

Yep, any! Customer service agents can send and respond to text messages straight from their emails, making it easy to balance tasks without logging in to FireText.

Your team can send from their own emails - simply 'whitelist' unlimited emails in your FireText account.

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Reply from the comfort of

your email inbox

Using our forwarding feature, customer SMS responses come straight into your inbox. You can reply from your inbox and FireText will transform this into a text for your customer.

With every response, we can pull in your conversation thread from the last 7 days, so you can pick up where you left off.

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Code-free integration

A great API alternative to integration, email to SMS allows any server or CRM system that can send an email to send a text to recipients. No developers required.

This is particularly handy when you want to send real-time alerts that may get missed in the email inbox. You can even send the content to your recipient's email and number at the same time.

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Anatomy of Email to SMS

This is how Email to SMS works - from your favourite email client to your customer's phone.


Send to customer's number using


Add your sender ID in the subject line. This will be the number or name that appears in your recipient's from field.


Cut out unnecessary content, such as your email footer, by simply finishing your message with a -- or ##.


Handy Email to SMS features

No hidden fees or extras, just features to make your SMS sending smooth sailing.

Send out SMS from any whitelisted email

'Whitelist' an unlimited number of email addresses under one account, so you can easily manage your entire workforce.

Deliver messages to groups

Send out bulk SMS campaigns straight from your email using our dedicated group SMS set-up.

Receive SMS replies directly into your inbox

Set up forwarding on a reply number, and receive replies directly into your email and reply straight back from your inbox.

Pull through the conversation thread

FireText can enable 'chat days', so you can see the last seven days of your SMS conversation straight from your email.

Send PDF files via text message

Need to send an important file to your customers or colleagues? Using Email to SMS, you can send PDF files in your text messages.

Send secure text messages

Our email authentication with SPF / DKIM validation will ensure we only accept SMS from your email domain, adding an extra layer of protection for your messages.


Start Email to SMS in no time...

Get started with Email to SMS in three simple steps.


Sign up for an account

Pop in a few basic details to get started with a free trial account - no contract or credit card required.


Await verification

As a trusted provider for the NHS and gov, we manually verify every account to ensure a safe platform for all.


We'll set you up!

Your new account manager will email. We'll even be here to hop on a call and chat through getting the best out of FireText.

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