Schedule Your
SMS Text Messages

Our awesome system lets you send SMS messages when it suits you. Great for scheduling appointment and service reminders, or sending SMS campaigns when you're away from the office.

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Schedule texts

around your schedule

FireText makes it really easy to schedule your SMS text messages in advance. Simply compose your message and pick the time and date that suits you and your audience.

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Send big campaigns

in small batches

Our ‘throttle' feature allows you to schedule messages for smaller pots of customers at set intervals. This helps prevent a huge influx of queries after a campaign, making it easier for you to manage responses.

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Easily edit your

scheduled messages

Scheduled your message and want to make a last-minute change? No problem! Head to your ‘Schedule' tab and make any changes - whether you're adding an emoji to jazz things up or implementing a tip from one of our content experts.

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Plan above & beyond with scheduling

Awesome scheduling features to help SMS work around you.

Reduce No-Shows

Schedule reminders to give your recipient friendly nudges, jog their memory & reduce the chance of a no-show.

Send at the perfect time

Scheduling lets you send at the optimum time for your target audience - without you even having to be there.

Automate streams of texts

Create automated flows without the robotic language. Schedule messages as part of an awesome SMS campaign.

Let the messaging work around you

No need to log in to FireText once you've scheduled your messages - let the SMS scheduling work around you.

Create memorable messages

The ‘repeat' function allows you to send the same messages, such as reminders, to the same recipients.

Make campaigns manageable

Use the throttle feature to send your campaign to batches of contacts. This helps prevent a huge influx of queries at once.

Save heaps of time with a simple platform

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use for you and your colleagues.


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