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Integrate FireText with Zoho Flow

A comprehensive app integration platform.

Zoho Flow is an integration platform for effortlessly connecting cloud applications and automating complex business workflows.

Create and customize integrations, adapt to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your teammates to build centralised workflows.

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  • Over 300 business apps to integrate. Extend the reach of your FireText profile to over 250 apps spanning across more than 50 business categories.
  • Visually intuitive builder. Connect your favourite apps by dragging and dropping them onto a builder that let's you visualise workflows easily.
  • Powerful logic elements. Craft detailed workflows that include decision branches, waiting times between tasks, and you own custom functions using Deluge-Zoho's easy to use scripting language.
  • Sharing and collaboration. Add members and work together on building workflows involving diverse ideas and accounts.

Why FireText?

Trusted SMS Provider

Trusted SMS Provider

FireText work with a number of businesses of all different sizes and we are proud to be the UK's top rated SMS company.
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Increase Communication

Outstanding Support

Our friendly team of UK based SMS experts are on-hand to guide you through every step of your campaign. If you get stuck, just ask!

Tried & Tested

Tried & Tested

We’ve passed rigorous, government approved penetration testing so you can be sure the platforms ability has been tried and tested to the finest detail.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We take data security really seriously at FireText and are ISO27001 certified in order to meet our strict due diligence for security and redundancy.

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