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in Your Texts

With our SMS tracker and shortener you can - yep, you guessed it - track and shorten your URLs! Use click reports to analyse campaign performance and send personalised follow-up texts.

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Track & shorten

your SMS links

Come SMS marketing campaign or reminder, pop your desired call to action URL in our fancy ‘Track URL' generator. View your full link behind the scenes, and your recipients will see a short and snappy version of it.

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Let click reports decide

your next move

Click reports help you make data-driven decisions. Within your FireText account, you can download a CSV report for who has and hasn't clicked. Follow up with engaged users and send personalised messages to non-clickers.

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Wowww. customers

with a vanity URL

We can help you transform your trackable links into branded trackable links. A branded URL instils more trust for your audience, so they're more likely to click through.

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Track and evolve:

How to use your track URL

No complicated marketing mechanisms, just a simple metric. Here's a summary of what's possible with the track URL.

Boost traffic to your website

Create a direct route to your awesome website. See which campaigns received the most interaction, and try things out!

Create targeted SMS campaigns

Let customer behaviour determine your next move. Using click report insights, follow up with targeted messages.

Connect with Google Analytics

By integrating your SMS links with Google Analytics, you can easily view SMS as a source of your website traffic.

Save your SMS characters

The track URL also shortens links to 20 characters, giving you more space to get your message across.

Use for dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs are great for targeted landing pages, but they're super long. Shorten & track your dynamic links with the track URL.

Brand your trackable links

The vanity URL is a branded link that adds an extra level of trust. Having your brand name in a track URL makes it much more engaging.


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