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Easily connect FireText to 1000+ apps with Zapier to automate your SMS

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Integrate with over 1000+ of your favourite Apps

We've hooked FireText into Zapier. This means you can now connect FireText directly to your favourite apps including Salesforce, Pingdom, Sugar CRM, Magento + a whole lot more.

Zapier SMS Integration
Send SMS Text Messages from Zapier

No Code Necessary

That means that without knowing how to code, you can integrate FireText with hundreds of apps, including ones that you probably already use.

Maybe you want a new SMS text message to be entered into your help desk, or maybe you want to send a SMS from your CRM system, the possibilities are endless.

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To get started, all you need is a FireText account and one for Zapier too.

Zapier SMS Integration

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4.92 / 5 Rating
570 Reviews
After finding FireText I instantly chatted to Alex there and he explained the whole process to me very simply and made everything very easy for me. Any questions I had were answered so quickly. Genuinely impressed with the functionality of FireText and the service that I have received from the team. I would recommend to anyone. A big thanks to the whole team.
Great and simple to set up. Staff on the phone helpful and friendly. And the campaign was a success.
We absolutely LOVE FireText! Simple to set up, incredibly flexible and an amazing price. Their keyword text system has enabled out listeners of our online radio station to easily interact with us, which has driven engagement and helped our station grow. The customer services is fast, friendly and personal to each user - we even received a welcome card! Highly recommend.